/ Habit Reformer Logbook

01.20Structure Design


In order to made the structure of our first prototype – cross-legged corrective device, we decided to use ‘tinker cad’ which is an online 3D modeling website to achieve this goal. Although our original purpose is to create a small and convenient device to stick on our leg, the real structure now is totally different due to the restriction of technology. The general model is a small square box in order to contain the circuit board, Bluetooth sensor, pressure sensor and switch… The following two parts will combine and constitute the final structure. During the process, we measured the approximate size of circuit board and appropriate volume for the device. It turns out that the size is 92cm * 92cm * 32cm with 3 gaps for components such as switch and 4 blanks for screws to stabilize the two parts. Besides, the logos of our company and device are inscribed on the top of the upper part.