/ Habit Reformer Logbook

12.09log of hardware develop


In the initial imagination, the first prototype of habit reformer is the magic stickers for crossed legs. It needs to be small and convenient, easy-wear. In the first building, we decided to use Arduino to approach the basic function. The size and convenient things will be considered as long as we can design our own chips and small it as possible.

The first design contains a pressure sensor, Bluetooth to connect app and the processor. We set it to gather the condition of users’ overlapping legs by pressure sensor, and sent the data through Bluetooth to apps to document it and stats it.

We first chose fsr402 as a pressure sensor. It’s simple to use, only with a 10k ohms it can works well without any filtering algorithm.

We chose bt06 Bluetooth firstly. It’s a cheap Bluetooth device with only slave mode. However, it is enough for us.

Since the device work above 3.3v, we use voltage converter on the bread board to connect the Bluetooth and the chip.

But we cannot search the Bluetooth device with phones or computers. We ask this at community and look through every step of the construction. The question is still unclear and the guess is about the Bluetooth chip itself broken.

One solution is to connect bt module to pc and use hyper terminal to see if the Bluetooth correspond correctly.

Things to connect chip and computer.

The other is to change a more stable Bluetooth, we choose HC06 this time and will see it.