/ Habit Reformer Logbook

12.09logbook of final decision


Through the book Business Model Generation, we finally made the products prototype decided. With the help of that book, we analyzed the advantages of this idea and consummated the complete structure of our business plan. Under the form of a health-related, the product cannot employ as the common healthy products do since it relies on smartphone’s application and solve the problems of what we term as nuisances. With these traits, we found an identical prototype.

Under an app that people can use it to make a physical examination anywhere as long as the phone has a camera. Users only need to answer some questions and scan their body through camera correctly under the instruction, the app is able to present the nuisance our body contains, including bow-legged and uneven shoulders. Then, the app gives out a paper that talks about improving or correcting these problems based on individual case. The app will mention our products during the diagnosis and provides a series of convenient method to help users build a healthy life by using the series of Habit Reformer.

That is, based on the case, the app comes up with different products. We will firstly come up with the magic stickers that helps people reform their crossed-legs. And the app will be built simply to certify the function.

Detailed business plan and tech features will be presented in the later log.

a great book of rationalize a company for individual