The land created by Plato
Beyond the pillars of Hercules
A land of hubris and joy aglow
Soon falling to its knees

Oceans rise, Atlantis fights
The Athens of power true
Soon to the winners' delights
An empire falls, back to the waters blue

The deities' favour
Divine and powerful
Atlantis lost its sacred savoir
And fell to the sea, the gods still ireful

Oceans rise, empires fall
A land once gold, drowning in ruins
The hubris of it now so small
The land that was its own undoing

  • Atlantis


Atlantis is a story from Greek mythology and about a city which was very rich and prosperous called Atlantis. The people who lived in the city because of this they were very proud and the word hubris is the Greek word meaning pride. Pretty much there boastful proud attitude angered the Greek gods so then the city of Atlantis in the Greek gods and they eventually went to war with one another. Then the Greek god they won and for punishment to Atlantis for challenging them and being too proud ---

Credit to Mekenzie K